Sunday, July 22, 2012

We have moved!!!

Yup, I now have a proper website and it will be easier to view my cakes and leave comments. Please go to...

See you there - Evelyn

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Duane and Tino's 21st

This was quite a hard cake to design as the brief I had to go with was to combine Duane and Tino's love of the Hurricane rugby team, plus their Island heritage. I think the final result worked quite well. The two cakes are in the Hurricane's colours and the bottom cake is in a tapa cloth design. This was a very big cake with the bottom tier consisting of four large cakes put together.

Mattise-Rose's Dorothy the Dinosaur

This design was sent to me by the customer and I loved it. Dorothy looks so cute with her little skirt and she also has a wand and fairy wings, not to mention the crown. I made the tiny little roses to go over the cake and then dipped them in red glitter and they looked really good. A beautiful little cake, perfect for a little girl.

Daniel's Toy Elephant

How cute is this? The customer sent me a photo of Daniel's favourite toy and asked me to recreate it to put on the top of his cake. I had a lot of fun doing this but it was fiddly as each of the elephant's limbs and his ears had a different pattern on them. He was fun to make though and I hope Daniel enjoyed having his favourite toy on his cake.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hareem's Princess Castle

Another week, another Princess Castle. I think I am finally getting it right - or it might just be the copious amount of glitter all over the cake. Of all the princess castle cakes I have made (and there's been a few now), I think this is the one I like best. It's got all the details, but isn't over done. I think I am also getting better at the princesses too. This cake was made up with chocolate cake in the middle and vanilla/rainbow for the turrets and small middle.

Ryan's Jungle

This is the second time I have done a cake like this and am still rapt with how it turns out. I had a wee problem in that when I attached the monkey on the top, his leg broke off. Though I fixed it, you could still see where it had broken, so I modelled up a bunch of bananas and placed them over the crack. I then also put a banana on the elephant's trunk for a bit of fun. Note the candle - I have just found some jungle candles in four different patterns, zebra, leopard, giraffe and tiger - cool.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Claudio's Nike Sneaker

Well there's a first time for everything, and this is it for making a sneaker out of cake. I was dreading making this one because of the detail, but in the end it all just came together nicely. A few weeks ago I invested in a fondant extruder which was quite expensive, but it's certainly made my life a lot easier. The laces of this sneaker were just made by stuffing some fondant into a tube and then screwing the handle round and round, and voila, out the other end came these beautiful laces and all I had to do was attach them to the cake.