Thursday, May 26, 2011

George's 'UP' House

It was so much fun making this one, but also so time consuming getting all the details just so. I was so pleased with the way it turned out though, as was the customer. The balloons are especially nice and I can't take any credit for them. My husband painted little polystyrene balls and then inserted some metallic wire into them and the effect was stunning.

Erin's Spongebob & Dora

The paparazzi have nothing on me. Here is proof that Dora the Explorer and Spongebob are an item. You heard it here first! As you can see by their expressions, they were surprised to get their photo taken.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bailey's Dorothy

Once again with was Russ to the rescue. Sure I could make the cake and the cupcakes, but when asked if I could also supply a cupcake holder I had to ask 'Shipping and Dispatch' if they could devise something. The end result was a nice, sturdy, polystyrene tower that did the job perfectly.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Joe's Spiderman

I had such big plans for this cake - two buildings made out of cake with a gumpaste Spiderman on the top throwing a royal icing web over everything. Reality is different. Okay, the buildings got made, but when it came to the last minute attaching of Spiderman, he broke. All I could do was use the cast metal Spiderman I had been using for a model and I also had to forego the web. I hope you weren't too upset Joe as you ended up with a really cool metal toy to play with.

Evelyn's Muffin Break

The hardest part to this cake was making the Muffin Break logo to go on the top of the cake. The cake wasn't very big so the logo was quite small and it was tricky to make without the brown royal icing swamping the lettering. We got there in the end. I used real marshmallows a surrounding around the bottom of the cake, to keep in with the coffee shop theme.

Juley's Unicorn

I love, love, love this cake. It's so sweet and girly. The unicorn is modelled fondant with the mane and tail being in blue, pink and mauve. He has big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Also he is covered in a sparkly white glitter which adds a touch of magic to him. The cake itself was covered in a very delicate green with daisies scattered all over and the name was in a dark purple. There were also six butterflies around the unicorn, in the same colours as the tail.

Lachlan's Scooby Doo

How cute is this? This cake is a bit of a cheat as the cake itself is a no-bake lolly cake (my first try and it turned out lovely). It is then covered in melted white chocolate. In keeping with the lolly theme I put two rings of Smarties around the cake in rainbow order. The top layer had fondant dog bones all around it and the bottom layer had ghosts, bats and the hippy flower van from the programme. I was extra pleased with the way Scooby Doo himself turned out. A fun cake to make.

Luca's Light Sabre

This was a last minute order so I took it on with the understanding that it wouldn't be too detailed. The bottom cake is chocolate, covered in light blue fondant and some glittered stars scattered around it. The top layer is a banana cake cut to look like a rather fat/short light sabre. I dusted the green part in a lime green glitter to make it shine. For a rush job it didn't turn out too badly.

Ryan's Toy Story

I had the opportunity to make another Toy Story cake this week and tried to make a more recognisable Buzz Lightyear this time. He's not quite there but getting better. This is a lovely cake to make and I have a lot of fun making the characters. I love the way Mr and Mrs Potatohead are giving each other the eye at the end of the bed.

Sebastian's Winnie the Pooh's Picnic

So cute! I have done this one before using stronger colours, but this one was done in gentle blues and greens. I made the bottom tier in a sky blue with clouds and dark blue birds on it. The top tier was a very light green with a red marbled cloth running across it. I was very pleased with the result and it looked just right for a one-year-old's birthday.

Andronicos's Shrek House

There were some very good and some very bad points about this cake. The very good parts were that I loved the bark-like finish on the house. This was created by first of all icing the cake with buttercream icing and then sticking broken bits of Cadbury Flake bar all over it. It looked super. The branches were made out of chocolate latte sticks with drizzles of green royal icing on the tips. The very bad part about this cake was the fact that when the customer came to pick it up we found a gynormous crack right through the middle of the icing. We did manage to doctor it up so the crack wasn't showing, but I will always remember that when making extra big cakes, I must reinforce the cake board so that it doesn't flex when moving the cake. I am fairly sure this is what had caused the crack.