Friday, May 25, 2012

George's Red M&M

Ya hoo, Bubba Lou - the blog is up and running again. I can now put in the pictures from all the cakes over the past three weeks. The last two weeks I have had only one cake each week, this week I had eight cakes to make! Either a feast or a famine. Now onto this cake, I was so pleased with how it turned out. It's the first time I've been asked to make a cake covered in M&M's and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out. They gave the cake lovely clean lines. I also made a giant M&M to hold the candles.

Steve and Eric's Tyres

A second time I've had to make this cake and it turned out even better than the first time. I like the flames and the little rocks around the flames are actually edible candy, like M&Ms only in rock shapes.

Erinna's 18th

I was asked at the last minute if I could make a cake for Erinna. I didn't have the time to do any baking but told the customer that if she made the cake, I would decorate it. I actually like the simplicity of this cake. The white icing has glitter over it just to give the cake that extra touch.

Devonte and Daijah's 4th

This is the second time I have been asked to make a cake for these littlies. I was asked to make something with a Star War's theme for Devonte and something girly and glittery for Daijah. The R2D2 was in my lovely moist banana cake and Daijah's cake was rich chocolate.

Shaolin-Nate's Wrestling

Now for something completely different. I have never had to make a wrestling cake before and had a couple of trial runs with the rope around the posts before I got it right. The little wrestlers around the outside are plastic figurines but the two in the ring are made out of fondant.

Izzy's Snow White

This cake goes with the below cupcakes. Izzy was having a Disney party and was going dressed as Snow White. She only had a little cake as she also had the 20 cupcakes but it think the whole thing looks really cute. Snow White is made out of fondant and completely edible.

Izzy's Disney Cupcakes

Here are the cupcakes I made to go with the Snow White cake. The Minnie Mouse cakes are strawberry flavoured and the Mickey Mouse ones are vanilla. They both have white chocolate icing and are then sprinkled with sherbert. I had quite a production line going when I was making the MM faces but think they turned really well.

Sash's Leopard Print

This was a cake the customer had sourced off the Internet. Both tiers were covered in black spots. The bases of both cakes were surrounded with over-sized fondant balls and a big bow (which I was very proud of). I had my doubts about this cake for a 1-year-old, but the finished product was really cute.

Mr Whiteman's Cupcakes

This was a last minute order for one of the the teachers at Hutt Central School. He asked me to make half a dozen cupcakes for him to take to his wife's work for morning tea. The cupcakes are chocolate/caramel with white chocolate icing coloured pale green. I then added some royal icing decorations to make them look pretty.

Atif's Happy Birthday

Just a plain chocolate cake covered in marbled chocolate fondant. Just to finish it off I put a big fondant bow around the whole cake. The little hearts aren't actually on the cake - I had covered the cake with the cellophane then remembered I hadn't taken the photo.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dakota's Hello Kitty

Could a cake get any more girly? From the glittered base and #4, to the Hello Kitty and the tiny flowers, the whole cake just screamed - SWEET! I was very pleased with this cake and it all just came together so well. This is the first cake of many for this week. I have to make six cakes and 100 cupcakes. Wish me luck!

Ngaire's Old Witch

This was a last minute order. I tried to turn the lady down but when she said she owned a catering company and had steered a few people my way, it seemed the only thing I could do to thank her was to squeeze this cake in for her sister's birthday. Denise told me that she calls her sister the 'old witch' so it seemed like a good thing to go with for the cake. I was chuffed with how the witch turned out. The base icing was in blues, purples and pinks - trying for a sunset look.

Izzy's Care Bears

I don't usually use plastic figurines on my cakes, but these four cute little Care Bears were given to me and I was asked to make a cake for a three-year-old girl. They actually made the cake look lovely. I do like making the rainbow with the Happy Birthday and name on it. It looks very effective. I also added some toadstools and some creepers of flowers and leaves all over the cake. A beautiful cake.

Josh's Guitar

I am very pleased with the results of this cake. Everything turned out as I had imagined. The only problem I had was with the 'strings' as the wire I have wasn't long enough to put down in one continual line, so there were joins in the wires. It didn't seem to detract from the overall appearance though. I added the little side cake as there wasn't a lot of cake in the main cake once it had been cut into the shape of the guitar.

Fa'atiga's 30th

The specifications for this cake were for it to be in Rastafarian colours and to have a man "smoking" on the top. I loved the end result. The colours were a pleasure to work with - so bright, and the man came together really well. This was a really large cake and came with a side order of 100 cupcakes. A big job but the customer was rapt with her cake and cupcakes.

Sahana's Piano

The final cake for this weekend. The cake inside is a Black Forest with chocolate buttercream icing. I was fairly caked-out for ideas by time I got to this one, but I feel I covered all the requirements. I would have liked the edges to have been a bit sharper, but all in all the finished product wasn't too shabby!