Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Stocking - $110

The final cake for the year! I got a request from a repeat client for a Christmas cake that wasn't fruit. She already had one of those but wanted another cake for members of her family who didn't like fruit cake. This one is chocolate, covered in chocolate buttercream and then fondant. All the little presents and candy canes in the stocking are also made out of fondant. Really cute!

Javan's Blue Racing Car - $110

One of my final cakes for the year and I was very pleased with the result. The cake was banana cake, covered in blue fondant and then heavily sprinkled with blue metallic edible glitter. The #3 was how old the child was and I put the letters of his name onto miniature fondant racing cars. A fun cake to do and I wouldn't mind trying it again.

Spotty Christmas - $100

This one was rather fetching in it's simplicity. I made a 9" fruit cake then covered it in almond icing and then white fondant. I then cut out spots to match the ribbon I had put around the outside. It looked so nice I made one exactly like this to take with me to my Christmas feast. Please add an extra $10 if you want fruit cake.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Noah's Toy Story - $130

What a mission this one was! The cake/bed turned out really good, but I am not sure about the figurines. Hopefully, little Noah wasn't expecting the figurines to be exact replicas of the characters. I made a Buzz Lightyear, a Woody, a cowgirl and a horse. On the corner of the board were also Mr and Mrs Potatohead (both of whom I was very pleased with). I had terrible trouble with Buzz's helmet and in the end had to make a stylised one. Also, as I was packing the cake up, I knocked the cowgirl and her legs fell off. I didn't have time to make new ones so I just cut her off at the waist and made it look as though she was sticking out from under the bed. It worked, thank goodness. Only two more birthday cakes and 11 more Christmas cakes to go and that's it for the year - and what a year it's been!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hanna's Farm Cake - $130

Phew - what a week this week has been. Not only have I had to do this farm cake (plus 40 matching cupcakes), I have also had an Alice in Wonderland cake and a Dolly Varden cake to do, all required for the same weekend. This cake is proving to be very popular. It's a real cutie anytime, but this one was tweaked a little bit. Not only did it have the usual complement of farm animals, but it also had two white dogs and a grey and white cat on the top as these are the animals the little girl has at home - I hope she recognises them. I added a few ladybirds and a few extra ducklings to this cake, just for something different.

John's Alice in Wonderland - $130

My second Alice in Wonderland-type cake, and once again a pleasure to create. This time round I played around with the characters and added a Cheshire cat, Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee and the bong-smoking caterpillar. Also there were lots of rose bushes and some playing-card soldiers. I have so much fun trying to decide what decorations to put on these cakes that I don't think I will ever do any two the same.

Lily's Lady in Purple - $100

Surprisingly, this is the first time I have made a Dolly Varden cake. I really did enjoy it and feel she turned out quite glamorous. The skirt is fondant covered cake and the doll is just a waist-up doll with a pick on it to stick into the cake. I had to not only design her skirt, but dress her top as well which I did by wrapping her in purple fondant and then dusting her in lavendar glitter. I hope I get the opportunity to do more of these ones as it was fun.