Friday, March 11, 2011

Sue's Butterflies - $100

This one-tier birthday cake turned out superb. I was asked to make it feminine and she wanted butterflies. I am so pleased with the result, especially the butterflies. I tried out a new way of applying the glitter so that it was only on chosen parts of the butterfly instead of all over, and it was a resounding success. I will definitely be doing my butterflies like this again.

Joshua's Werewolf - $80

What a difference a year makes! Last year I made my grandson, Joshua, the cutest birthday cake of a dragon breaking out of his shell. This year - it's a werewolf! This cake was made by baking and icing a square cake and then placing on top a plaque I had previously made out of royal icing. I made the moon all pitted, so it would look like creaters then sprinkled some silver glitter over it to look like clouds. The werewolf was black with a mane of reddish-black dusted with bronze glitter. Needless to say, Joshua was very happy with his cake.

Maia's Dora - $80

This is a one-tier chocolate cake covered in white chocolate buttercream icing. I have then piped the image of Dora onto the cake in royal icing. The name and number, plus the flowers are fondant and edible glitter. A nice sized cake for just the family. Would feed 12-18 people, depending on slice size.