Saturday, February 26, 2011

Carolyn's Pig - $120

Finally, the last one for the week. This week has been very busy with cakes being made for Thursday right through to today. I was rather taken with this fetching little lady pig. She is made out of a glutten-free lemon cake and lemon icing. The cake board has been covered in a brown fondant and the little pigs are also made out of fondant.

Friday, February 25, 2011

James's Car - $130

What a cutie! The little cars are made completely out of fondant and I have painted in the windows with edible silver paint and put in a couple of silver balls for headlights. The candle is made out of fondant rolled around a real candle so it can be lit. I am super happy with this cake and loved making the little cars.

Rob's Shoe - $110

Oh, oh, look at this. It's the first shoe cake I have ever made and I am in love. The cake is just the shoe box and the shoe is all made with fondant. If I saw this pair of shoes in a shop and thought they would fit me, I would buy them. Tons of gold glitter and some gold balls on the flower. So decadent and feminine. I hope I get more shoe cakes to design.

Catrina's Stars - $120

Another version of the ever popular Star Cake. I was very happy with this one and the colours all came together nicely. The funky candles suit it perfectly.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shae's Fairy, Butterfly & Flowers - $130

What can I say - this cake has jumped to the head of the line where favourites is concerned. I love, love, love the colours. Another thing different is the fairy wings. I am using a new fabric and sequin wing set rather than the leaves I was using before. These are so superior and look just right. I want to do more of these cakes as this one was so enjoyable to make.

Butterfly Cupcakes - $2.50 each

This was an addition to the Butterfly, Fairy and Flower cake made for Shae. The cake is a vanilla cake made into rainbow cake with the help of some food colouring. The top was vanilla buttercream icing which I then sprinkled a dusting of lime green glitter. On top of that was a fondant daisy and a small butterfly in matching colours to the cake. Beautiful.

Lily's Madagascar - $130

What fun I had making the characters for this cake. I love how they turned out, especially the penguins. The giraffe was a bit of a challenge so he has a long kebab skewer in his neck to keep him upright. The two characters on the top of the second tier are called Pat and Stanley. I had never heard of them but apparently they are Lily's favourite tele characters. Love it!

Olle's AK47 Gun - $120

There's a first time for everything, I suppose. This is definitely the first time I have had to make an AK47 gun out of cake and fondant. I am no gun expert, but it seems to have turned out fine and I hope Olle recognises it. Once I was cutting the cake into shapes, I felt there wasn't much cake so I also cut a round and made a cake target, just so there was a bit more cake for eating.

Caitlin's Guitar - $120

I was particularly pleased with this one. It's the first time I have made a guitar cake and the end result was recognisable, if not playable. Everything on it, except for the strings (wire) and the tuning keys (fondant and toothpicks) were edible. I think the hardest part was making the sheets of music. Since I don't read music I have no idea what tune the notes were composing, I just copied down what I found on the internet.

Konnah's Stars - $120

Wow, what a couple of weeks this has been. At the moment I am rushed off my feet and it doesn't look like it's easing off any time soon (what recession?). First for this update is this one. It is in the ever popular 'star' style but this time it was for a boy so I tried to make it a bit more boyish. This was done by, of course, colour - blue, teal, black and silver. I also made the lettering and numbers a bit more solid than usual. I think it turned out rather fetching in the end and not too girly.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hugh's Aeroplane - $120

This one was a bit of a mission. The weather had been sooo humid that the fondant was very soft. The plane seemed to turn out alright in the end but the main difference I had to make was putting the wording on clouds on top of the plane instead of on a banner because the humidity wouldn't allow the banner to stay upright. Thankfully Wellington is back to it's normal weather now.

Hunter's Horse - $100

I was pleasantly surprised to be asked to make another horse cake, only this time for a boy. The customer wanted bright colours so the horse is an unrealistic red and his mane was green, orange and yellow marbled. The reins were light blue with a lovely bright blue glitter which sparkled beautifully.