Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Janet's Garden

I've always been a fan of the fresh colours of light apple green and white and this cake hasn't made me change my mind. The cake was commissioned for a lady who was turning 80 years young and loves gardening. I think it turned out really well, not too overdone.

Mike's Tyres

It's not everyday I get asked to make a cake that looks like a couple of motorbike tyres, but this day was one of them. Different but effective all the same. The 'flames' were made out of royal icing and edible glitter, so were completely edible.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josh's Skateboarder

There wasn't much I could do with this cake after making the ramp and putting the skater and skateboard on it, so some of my time was spent on the details of the skater. You might be able to see a little gold chain hanging off his belt and what about those tiny skateboard wheels!

Larissa's Present

I never get tired of these present cakes. This one for Larissa was covered in white fondant with a white glitter all over it. I didn't know where to put the '40' so decided to put small ones all around the cake. I think it turned out quite effective.

Joe & Gemma's Flag

I am not sure if this is a flag for an actual country, but it was the picture which was sent to me to try and copy. I think I did a fair job of it except for the hole I left in the lion's tail. I don't know why I didn't see that at the time. The lion was made out of royal icing with the rest being fondant.

Bailey's Princess Castle

How cute is this one! The colours just came together to well and girly. I also sprayed the whole cake with an edible pearl lusture which made it shine. The letters of Bailey's name were made with melted white chocolate. It was effective but time consuming.