Monday, September 13, 2010

Mini Christmas Cake - $35

I was talking to a client today and she asked me if I did Christmas cakes, so I have posted some designs I did last year. I do two sizes, 15cm and 22cm. The 15cm is a perfect size for one or two people, or to give for a gift. This one is covered in almond icing, then fondant. I have then put a collar around the top and made some fondant presents and a candy cane for ornamentation. There has also been some blue edible glitter sprinkled in the middle. As with normal Christmas cakes, the cake itself is a fruit cake, but if you don't like fruit, we can come to some sort of arrangement for another type.

More Mini Christmas Cakes - $35

Christmas Cake, Rudolph - $100

A hit with the littlies, this cute Rudolph smiles out of the cake. He is first of all covered in almond icing, then fondant and finally iced in royal icing using the floodwork technique. His nose is bright red with red edible glitter added to make it shine. The snow in the background is made with light blue sugar balls. I never get sick of making these ones as he's a delight.

Christmas Cake, Tree $100

This cake is covered in almond icing then white fondant. The outer edge is plain but inside the frilly circle is a royal icing tree, two fondant candy canes and some 3D fondant presents. The background is sprinkled with edible glitter. A matching christmassy ribbon is put around the outside.

Christmas Cake, Santa - $100

Like the cake in the next picture, this one has been covered in chocolate fondant. I won't be using this again as it doesn't taste very nice. This year it will be normal fondant, tinted to any colour you like. Santa is iced in with royal icing using the flooding method. He is holding a glittering fondant star in one hand and a fondant candy cane in the other.

Christmas Cake, Candle - $100

Last year this cake was made with a chocolate fondant icing, but this year I am not going to use this as it doesn't taste all that nice. I will be going with normal fondant so the background can be coloured any colour you like.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Jessica's Baby Jungle - $130

Here's a little cutie - a jungle cake, but with toy animals on it, rather than 'real' ones. I am pleased with how this one came out. The original idea was to put the snake in the shape of the '2' on top, but didn't have any room in the end so it had to go on the side. This cake is for a little girl so it was in girly colours, but can be done in any colours desired. Cute!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Courtney's Stars - $120

Isn't this one beautiful! It is around the same lines as Red, Black and White Stars with a couple of tweeks. First of all lime green is Courtney's favourite colour, so all the stars were lime green and silver with glitter on them, making them sparkle. The cake is chocolate on the bottom and banana on the top. Both tiers have a black ribbon around them and a line of silver beads (inedible). The stars are 'pouring' out of the top of the cake. Usually I would also have the number coming out of the top, but this cake had to travel to Ohakune (a long way) and I didn't think the numbers would survive the trip. Love it! Love the colours!

Elephant - $80

I just had to share this with you. It is actually a cake I whipped up for the local school Bring and Buy. Inside a lovely rich chocolate cake and on the outside chocolate buttercream icing. I had a look through spare bits and pieces I had lying around and found this little fondant elephant and some different sized gold fondant balls. I iced one little gold ball to the tip of his trunk and put the others in front of him. Then I finished it off with a gold ribbon and a couple of gold/yellow flowers at the bow. A sprinkle of gold holographic glitter and it was finished. Actually the photo doesn't do it justice, as it was really beautiful in it's simplicity.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Neha's Thomas the Tank Engine - $80

Here is the other cake I had to make for Neha. She is a big fan of Thomas but her parents asked me to make it a bit more 'girly'. I have used pink as the background and have Thomas looking at a grouping of flowers with the candles in the middle. The bow tie isn't standard - it just happened to be 'tie day' at pre-school when this cake was going to be taken in. Please note: Add in an extra $5 if you want the train and track around the outside.

Neha's Elmo - $80

I had a rush request for this one, but I think it turned out really cute. Because I was a bit rushed for time I put the image on a plaque which I then laid on top of the cake. This meant I could start icing the image before the cake was ready. This saved a lot of time. I also had a Thomas cake to do for the same girl (see above) and made that one the same way.