Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tea Cake (3) - $30

This is a more traditionally iced cake. The cake itself is a vanilla cake and the icing is strawberry flavoured buttercream. I have tinted the buttercream a delicate pink. A real girly cake. On the top I have sprinkled some pastel 100s and 1000s just to make it special.

Tea Cake (2) - $30

Another little tea cake. This time it is a banana cake which has been iced in my special lemon curd buttercream icing. I have decorated it with large fondant daisies and a fondant bumblebee. Cute!

Tea Cake (1) - $30

I had some little cakes (6") left over when I did a bake last week, so ended up decorating them and sending them off to the local school for morning tea. They went down a treat so I thought I'd post them on my blog so you can see them too. These are perfect for taking along to a morning tea. This one is chocolate with a chocolate buttercream icing and then decorated with fondant flowers.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Wizard of Oz - $110

I was rapt with the result of this cake. The four little characters were difficult - hence the higher price of the cake - but I was pleased with the end result, especially the little Toto sitting on Dorothy's lap. The cake is covered in buttercream icing, except for the yellow brick road, which is fondant icing, dusted with a gold glitter. The Emerald City is also fondant and has been heavily covered in gold and emerald glitter. I especially loved the grass (thanks to my daughter Anna for that icing tip) with the varying sizes of poppies. This is a beautiful cake with a definite 'wow' factor.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Amy's Fairies - $110

I have been playing around with creating a Fairy Cake that isn't quite so over-the-top as the toadstool one. This is a very simple cake with two fairies on it and the name of the birthday child. The fairies can be in any colour you like and I will put a corresponding colour boa around the outside of it. The icing is dusted with a holographic edible glitter which makes the whole cake sparkle.