Monday, April 26, 2010

Funky Explosion - $120

The colours in the photo don't do this cake justice. The instructions I was given for this cake was 'make it funky'. I'm not sure what funky meant but everyone was ecstatic about the results so I must have got something right. The bottom layer I covered in lime green fondant and decorated it with a paisley pattern in hot pink, purple and orange. The next layer was in hot pink with silver stars and hearts stuck around it. Both layers were divided by a ring of silver balls of varying sizes. Then I decided to make the '13' look as though it was exploding out of the top of the cake so did a split top as you can see in the photo. The '13' is emerging from a pile of silver balls and there are balls, hearts and stars on wires also shooting out of the top. All in all, I was very pleased with the effect and the colours.

Mermaid - $100

Little girls love this cake because not only are they getting a mermaid cake for their birthday, but they are also getting a doll to play with (after she's been washed). This cake is actually made with two cakes. The first one for the 'ocean' and the second for the 'rock'. The whole thing is covered in buttercream icing and I have placed lolly fish around the outside. The rock has coloured sugar dusted over it to make it look like sand and some chocolate shells placed here and there. The tail is made from fondant with my trademark bling painted on it, so the mermaid sparkles. A lovely cake with the added bonus of lollies and a doll.

Alannah's Princess Tower - $140

A mother cake to me and said her daughter was right into princesses and what could I do. In the end we came up with this. It's not your normal castle cake as we wanted something different. There are three tiers to this cake and I coloured each tier a slightly different shade of the same colour. Then a window was made and a princess moulded and placed in there. She came out really well. This is quite beautiful and very girly.

Alex's Thomas the Tank Engine - $100

Another Thomas the Tank Engine cake. Thomas is very popular with little pre-school boys. This cake is a flat cake. In fact it's two flat cakes placed together then covered first in a buttercream icing and then with a fondant icing. Thomas was drawn in royal icing and the 'smoke' was marshmallows. The customer had found the little Thomas set in a store and wanted me to incorporate it in the cake. As the track was too small to go right around the cake, I made it go into the cake at the back, then made a couple of tunnel openings on the icing so it looked as though the train was going through the cake. Please note I can't source the Thomas toy train anymore but can put a cheaper version train and track for an extra $5.00.

Joshua's Baby Dragon - $130

Here is another one I had a lot of fun with. The cake is in the baby dragon's body and also in the two halves of the egg. The egg halves were orange cake and the body of the dragon was chocolate cake. Dragons must really be magic because I can't quite see how he ever managed to fit in the egg, but there you go. This one was made for a 14-year-old boy and he loved it. It was also the first of my creations I had actually seen cut up and eaten. I felt sorry for the dragon, but he was yummy. His whole body was covered in a shimmer powder and his wings had gold glitter on them. Magical!

Rose's Ladybird - $100

I just adored this little bug when he was finished. Maybe it was the expression on his face, I don't know, but I just fell in love with him. Once again he is made from my famous chocolate cake with a chocolate cupcake for his head, all covered in fondant. I love putting a bit of bling on my cakes so when it came to his spots I mixed some emerald green, red and blue edible glitter and painted it on his spots. It looked fantastic. The only thing inedible about him was his feelers, and by the look on his face, he knew he wasn't going to last long.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sam's Racing Track - $100

I had a lot of fun making this cake, possibly because it was for my gorgeous grandson's 5th birthday. It was the first time I had tried making the bushes like this. Take some coloured fondant and push it through a sieve then cut the sieved fondant off and presto, you have your decoration. This one was covered in buttercream icing (yum) but the road, greenery and tyres were fondant. The cars were real which made the cake even more fun for the kids as they could play with their food! I can supply the cars for an extra $10.

Bren's Thomas the Tank Engine - $150

I had to make two of these cakes within three days of each other. It was a scarey prospect as Thomas is so well known I had to get all the details exactly right. Thomas himself is made out of cake and fondant and the Fat Controller, sorry, Sir Toppen-Hatt, is made out of fondant. I was especially pleased with how he came out. In feedback from one of the parents, I was told that the little birthday boy cried when it came to cutting the cake, as he had thought it was a toy, not a cake! When I made the first one it took me over 20 hours, but the second one took me about half that time and I am very pleased with how both of them turned out.

Matt & Alex's Kiwi Party - $110

I loved making the little extras for this cake. Though the main cake is the base the little kiwi were also made from cupcakes, as were the miniature birthday cakes and the presents. This cake was commissioned for twins, hence the two cakes in the decoration. The tiny candles were real and were lit when it came time to sing Happy Birthday. Normally this cake would have only one little birthday cake, three presents and three kiwi. The cake went down a treat at the party, as my special chocolate cake usually does, and since then I have also been making the little kiwi, cakes and presents out of fondant and selling them on their own for people who want to do their own decorating.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fairy House - $130

This is the first sculptured cake I had ever made or decorated. Since this one I have made numerous others in the same style but no two ever exactly alike. I am continually improving on the detail and feel I have finally got it to where I am satisfied with it. The fairies are only about 7cm long and are easily altered to become mermaids. In either form they have also become a big seller just on their own.