Tuesday, June 1, 2010

D & D's Dora the Explorer - $110

This is a Dora and Diego cake I made for two-year-old twins. The little birthday cake Dora and Diego are sitting around is also made out of cake so is completely edible (also a good place to place the candles). The whole thing looked a bit 'green' so I put a river running across one corner and down the sides. It turned out very effective. Then, of course, there were the stars all around the outside - no Dora-themed cake would be complete without them. The palm trees were the hardest thing about this cake. Trying to get those fronds to stay on top of the trunk - frustrating!

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  1. Katy wrote: Daijah and Devote loved their cake. They were both very, very happy and everyone lived the cake. Thanks again for everything. You're brilliant.