Thursday, October 14, 2010

Raewyn's Alice in Wonderland - $130

This cake is a bit more expensive because of all the detail in it. I have had to post three pictures as the different decorations went all around the cake. I was absolutely rapt with how this one turned out and had so much fun making it. Once again the new butterfly cutters came in handy as did some tiny shape cutters which I used for the scattered hearts, diamonds, etc. I had to wrack my brains a bit for things 'Alice' to place around. One of the last minute thoughts was the little card soldiers, but they turned out so good! I was also particularly taken with the flamingos. I'd love to do this one again sometime.

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  1. Raewyn said: Thank you sooo much for the most awesome cake I have ever (and I truely mean it!)seen!! The cake exceeded my expectations.