Friday, August 27, 2010

Fairy, Butterfly & Flowers - $130

The colours on this cake were just beautiful. The cake itself was iced in a very pale blue and then it was covered on the two top surfaces with flowers in yellow, pink, blue and purple. I made the flowers all different sizes and styles and it all came together great. Also added are leaves in three different shades of green. Then there are butterflies in the same colours as the flowers. They are all on wires and are placed intermittently about the cake. It is all finished off with four fairies - also on wires. The butterflies and fairies have liberal amounts of edible glitter on them. There is a space left on the icing in the front for a name to be iced in. All in all, a perfect little girls cake.

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  1. Patricia said: Thank you for making the two cakes (farm cake also) great and well beyond expectations.