Friday, August 6, 2010

Harsha's Stars - $120

I loved how this cake turned out. The instructions I had for it was that the birthday girl (lady) loved the colour gold and also liked jewellery, so I suggested gold accessories with just a few touches of glittery gem colours - blue, red, green and purple. The design of butterfly was something new I was trying and they turned out quite nice. Normally butterflies come out a bit heavy looking, but with punching the holes into the wings it has made them look lacier. Of course all the glitter is edible, though the ribbon and stringed beads are not.


  1. Thanks Evelyn, the cake was the best part in the party. It was quite amazing how the whole decoration came through.....And the taste was just astonishing. I still have friends who want the left overs!!! Thanks alot for your help and hope to give you another project in near future.


  2. thanks for the lovely cake i loved it and it was the best birthday cake i ever had...thanks once again..