Sunday, May 15, 2011

Andronicos's Shrek House

There were some very good and some very bad points about this cake. The very good parts were that I loved the bark-like finish on the house. This was created by first of all icing the cake with buttercream icing and then sticking broken bits of Cadbury Flake bar all over it. It looked super. The branches were made out of chocolate latte sticks with drizzles of green royal icing on the tips. The very bad part about this cake was the fact that when the customer came to pick it up we found a gynormous crack right through the middle of the icing. We did manage to doctor it up so the crack wasn't showing, but I will always remember that when making extra big cakes, I must reinforce the cake board so that it doesn't flex when moving the cake. I am fairly sure this is what had caused the crack.

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