Saturday, November 27, 2010

Matthew's Guitar - $110

I had a bit of fun making this one. The cake was fairly straightforward but I had been given photos of the electric guitar Matthew was getting for his birthday and asked to replicate it. I am proud of what I ended up with as I had to make the template freehand and I don't feel I am much of an artist. What I am most chuffed with is the detail - the guitar even has six strings attached. These I made with some gold glitter thread I had left over from a cross-stitch project. The amp was a last minute decision but it just finished the cake (and gave the guitar something to lean on). All in all a really cool cake.

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  1. Thanks for anothr great cake, Evelyn. Matthew absolutely loved his cake, and was so surprised when we arrived in Rotorua for his birthday celebration with it. The verdict from the restaurant where we had his birthday dinner was that it won the "best birthday cake ever" award!
    - Gwen (Matt's granny)